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Losing motivation and enjoyment


Today I am due to do Wk8 R2. I am not struggling physically to do the runs, but am finding myself less and less excited to do them and not wanting to get up and go. I think in previous weeks having the periods of walking helped to keep it interesting, but now its becoming less enjoyable. I will completed the program but after that I expect I will stop running. I mix up my route but just not sure how to keep the motivation

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I see it a little like climbing a mountain (not something I do BTW). It’s hard work on the way up, the view is behind you, but it’s certainly worth it when you reach the top. Do you at least feel good when you’ve finished? Feel fitter?


Try to remind yourself why you started this.

Fabulous that you are not struggling with the runs ( I still do)

Are you listening to anything?

Good music can be a great distraction, someone recently posted about listening to audio books .

The weather is getting better, are you able to drive to somewhere to get a great run?

My husband often drives out and about to mix up his runs, but he's been running for years.

Once you graduate, you can tailor your running into what makes you happy.

Why did you start this? Maybe you need to remember that. I think too that having lots of positive self talk and praise can help you spur yourself on.

I also find longer runs can be a bit boring and I listen to audio books, podcasts etc. This passes the time. Sometimes catching up with a good book is the reason that I go running!

Also, if you want- you can go back to intervals when you have finished the programme.

At the end of the day, motivation is a very personal matter - I'd pass you some if I could :)


Music / podcasts as suggested above is a good idea.

For me I also get motivation from seeing the stats and how I’ve progressed. I track my runs and also have an activity tracker that records heart rate etc. I find it motivating to see the progress in terms of running further, getting faster and lower resting heart rate.

Maybe switch surface too if you can. If mainly running roads see if there is a trail you can do.


I've had periods when I've lost enthusiasm and it's been difficult to get myself out and running. For me it's nearly always linked with having pushed a little too much (usually without realising it). It's a fine balance between fast and far enough to get the adrenalin going and not pushing too much and over taxing the body. you are still in fairly early stages so you may need to let your body catch up. Some of my worst times have been after a run when I felt on top of the world and as if I could have kept going.


If you don’t want to do it then don’t, but do something 😃👍

Good luck, and keep moving 💪

I will put a different slant on this, nothing wrong with losing motivation and enjoyment; running is not for everyone.

I use running to keep my cardio in check and for overall fitness; I don’t like it but it works. I built up from nothing to now running 3 miles every other day.

I do other activities and too in particular kick boxing and badminton now these I really enjoy. What I have found is that from my running my performance in these two sports has increased dramatically.

It’s almost like running provides the workout for my engine to be better for the sports I do enjoy.

I think what I am saying is that don’t give up or stop on the running use it as tool to improve your cardio for doing something you really enjoy, whatever that is.

May make sense to you may not.

Keep strong, keep well.

Have a look into Jeff Galloway, many members on the bridge to 10km forum use the distance run /walk method, so do a lot of marathon runners. After graduation the program is yours to do what you want with. I myself like a good run walk distance outing, I like the way it settles me mentally.

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