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Overweight Middle Aged Mum

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Hi I am new here. I am taking my 15 year old son on an 'adventure holiday' in August and I would like him and I to have a great time. I have been trying to loose weight for the last couple of months but self-discipline is something I really struggle with. I have decided that setting goals and having a plan of action will really help. I have had arthritis in my knee for quite a few years but it has not been particular painful and I walk a fair amount without problems so I will make a start and see how I go. Any advice from anyone on this forum on how to stick to the plan and any experience of running with arthritis would be very welcome.

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Welcome and very well done :)

Check out this post for Newbies.. it has lots of great advice and suggestions:) We have had a fair few posts re arthritis and I will try to find some for you.. and the replies:)

Just found this reply I gave a few weeks ago...

"There have been one or two posts about this... we are not medical experts, so make sure you have the okay from your GP or consultant :)

This is a very, very steady progression and you can take it totally at your own pace....

This is a post I picked up, when replying to another forum friend who asked the same thing..


We are not medical experts, but there is much sound and trusted evidence out there which suggest you may be able to run...have you had advice from any specialists?

This may be an indication and there may be helpful info there too?



Hope this may help you... :)

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Many thanks Oldfloss. I will check out the link. I have just come back from my first run and although my knees were a little sore running they feel fine. I have promised them that the weight loss that running and a healthy diet will create, will have long term benefits for them, so they should be grateful. ! 😄

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Ps. Many thanks for the link just checked it out. I actually have osteo not rheumatoid arthritis. Your help and encouragement is still very much appreciated.

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