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Graduation update weight update

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Well today 5/2/18 I crossed the finish line and completed c25k. As you may know I’ve been doing this and slimming world alongside each other. I’ve gone from 19.6st to 16.7st. I’m 1lb from losing 3st since January. My aim is to get to about 13.7st. I hope that this can encourage people and if anyone needs support just send me a message and il do my best

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Congratulations 👍🏻👏🏻😊🎉🎊🎓 well deserved 👍🏻

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yes that has given me great inspiration. I have lost 50lbs but the last pounds have been a struggle, I am hoping that taking C25K that will help get the weight loss side going again. Im only at end of week 2 but I feel so much fitter and healthier. I have got so much more out of this running than I thought I would. Well done you

Many congratulations on both counts.

Do check out the guide to post C25k running, which may be helpful in planning where you go ext in your running career.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Thank you

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Fantastic! Congratulations on both fronts 🏅🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Keep up the great work! 👍😁

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Doing fantastically with the running and the weight loss - you must have great will power! 👍👏👏👏

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Wow and wow again! Truly impressive, congratulations!

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WOW !!! Congratulations. Amazing achievement. Bet you feel great.

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Well done you :)

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Well done! You have worked so hard at all of this and i have no doubt that you will manage to lose the next 3 stones without too much difficulty. Isn't it great to have "graduate" alongside your user name!

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Congratulations with the graduation and the weight loss, grand job done!

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Yay Biggydoug or should that be Middlesizedoug?!!!! Awesome effort on both counts and keep us posted on your progress. Biggy congratulations!

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Wow that’s amazing!!! What a fantastic achievement on both counts 🙌 I also go to SW and C25K has really motivated me with my weight loss.

You’ll definitely hit your weight goal with your focus and determination 👊🙌🏃‍♂️

Happy running! 😊

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