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Thinking beyond C25K

Yesterday I completed W8R2 (I am still amazed that I have come this far) and am planning on R3 on Tuesday. When tracking the running element of W8, I run about 3.5K during 28 minutes. I had to do the same journey later by car and was surprised at the distance I had covered.

On Wednesday I am going on holiday for 3 weeks and I will take my trainers with me and intend to complete W9 while I am away. After that the plan is to complete a few more 30 minutes runs while on holiday. At that stage I am not too worried about distance. I have already arranged a 30 minutes run with a friend a couple of days after I come back to ensure that good habits continue.

What I have also already done, is register for the 5K Race for Life at the end of May. This means a lot to me having had a couple of scares myself and having had to say good bye to three lovely ladies because of cancer in 2017. I am thinking of doing a few park runs in preparation to get a better idea of the distance, even if I have to walk part of it. Now is it realistic to think that I could manage to cover 5 K by then or am I being too ambitious. What is the best way to go about it.

This is when distance will start to matter as I would like to run the whole distance.

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Well done for everything you have achieved so far! The end of May is 6 weeks away (at least) and if you think about how much further you can jog now than you could 8 weeks ago then the extra 1.5km is certainly achievable. I’m doing a 5.4km run (shuffle) in May so I’m doing the c25k with Micheal then trying to add a bit more on each time. When you do the 5k race for life there will be many many wonderful ladies and supporters and no one will mind if you walk some or all of the route! It’s your race 😊

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You have time... and it does not have to a race... just do the distance and enjoy the run :)

The Runs for Life are so relaxed and full of fun and laughter and comradeship.. all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities...

Finish this Graduate and then you can think of moving forward... and we... will be right there beside you :)

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This guide to post C25k running may be useful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...…….what-next

You will manage what you will manage, which is all any of us can say. You may well be able to run 5k by May. Being part of an event will lift your ability and you may surprise yourself.

Just enjoy it, without putting pressure on yourself between now and then. What does it matter if you walk some of the distance? Many marathon runners use the run/walk method and are as quick as if they attempted to run the entirety. Look up the Galloway method.

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