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I’m Back !

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I started this about a year ago and due to a knee injury and a personal upset, I had to stop.

I now have decided to retry the Couch to 5k and hopefully I’ll get passed Wk5 which is where I got to last time

I have new trainers arriving tomorrow and I’m so looking forward to starting again and this time, completing 🤞🏻

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Check out the post FAQ...lots of advice to remind you how to move on.... welcome back...:)

This time... you will do it:)

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Good luck! We're all here rooting for you 😀

Best of luck! 👍

Thank you so much, I think I’ll need a lot of support but I’m going to blinking we’ll do

It this time 👍🏻x

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Welcome back! I got to week 5 too and had to stop and have just completed week 1 again! We can do it!

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Sarah52 in reply to Bridget007

Yeah !! That’s brilliant Well Done You 👍🏻😂

I’ll do it if you will 😜

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Bridget007Graduate in reply to Sarah52

You’re on! 😀😀

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I’m sure you’ll do it this time. Just remember to stick to the program, don’t overdo it, run really slowly - and you’ll soon make it past week 5. 👏👏👏😄

in reply to RuthL

Thank you 🙂

That is good advice. I need to remember that ! Slow and steady x

Well done for coming back! Keep posting and you’ll get all the support and and encouragement you need. That’s what’s made the difference for me. I’m on week 6 now and didn’t think I’d make it passed week 1 ! Good luck - you can do it !!

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Sarah52 in reply to sarah65

Thank you 🙏🏻

That’s so inspiring ! I love this group, the support is amazing and it’s so lovely to support each other x

Well done you! Fab that you’re back 😊

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Sarah52 in reply to CDA1

🙏🏻 Thank you

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Welcome back! I've started again after some illness and injury, and now I'm on W7R1 :) In past I have ACL reconstruction in my left knee, so I know the pain of knee injury. Do it slowly. Slow and steady ;)

Have a day or two rest between runs. If you feel you need more - just take 3 or even 4. Warm up at before you go out the door - some leg swings, hip, ankle and knee circles. Stretch gently after each run. Strengthen those muscles between runs - just don't go crazy with it. Avoid overloading, overtraining.

Think about some supplementation. I'm taking JoinCare Max and it did wanders to my knees.

You can do it and you will!

Good luck!

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Sarah52 in reply to IgaT

Thank you so much Great advice 👍🏻

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Well done for coming back to it. I also had to restart c25k after a knee injury. All went smoothly second time out. Listen carefully to your knee - maybe take two rest days rather than one - and go for it. You too can do this. Good luck.


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