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Different shoes for treadmill and outdoors?

Hi. I've just finished w4. I've done it all on a treadmill in my old trainers and despite worrying about my old hips and knees everything has been fine.

Except. The one time i ran round the paths of my local path after which I could barely walk for two weeks with knee pain.

I'd like to run outside and there's not much opportunity to go off-road here, donors going to be pavements.

I've decided to get new shoes. I known I'm overpronated so don't think I need gait analysis.

My question is... do I need different shoes for treadmill and road running?

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I am a newbie runner, but personally I would have GA and get your shoes there also.Tell them you have a budget and get last years model, etc, if there is a budget constraint.

Running is running Indoors or Outdoors.Run with your new shoes always to cushion your joints in case of novice running form , etc.

Enjoy.👍 Sore knees ,generally as a result of and due to impact, so give your knees a treat and yourself.🌟👏👏


Check this post out.. your shoes are the most important asset to your running... apart from you:)

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Please get that knee pain checked out by a professionals . Two weeks of pain in your knees doesn’t sound right and needs assessing.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll get the GA done and get proper shoes.

After years of rebellion I've finally, at the age of 50, started doing what I'm told!

Ju-ju, I've had knee problems for decades along with all sorts of other muscularskeletal issues. It was my physio that suggested I go to the gym and this is what's led me back to running, something I enjoyed as a teenager and young adult. Every now and then a bit of me gives up. A few days or sometimes weeks rest usually sorts it out. Thanks for your concern though.


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