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Week 8 run 1 for me today. Absolutely pouring down but needed to get out and back before the kids swimming lesson so needed to crack on.

Learnt that my running jacket isn’t waterproof, my tracker pauses every time a wet sleeve touches it and wet runners are very amusing to elderly ladies in the village. But on the plus side my running shoes have kept my feet bone dry and the run is in the bag.

I was waiting for Michael Johnson to tell me I had one minute left like he normally does and he doesn’t do it this week. Have to remember that for the next run.

If you’re out this morning enjoy your run whatever the weather 😀

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Yes, MJ remind us to pick up the pace at 14 mins, met with silence, and I think he was miffed for the finish on a high prompt, so kept silent also.🤔🙈😂😂😂👏👏

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That could be it. 😀. There were definitely no paces picked up at 14 minutes round these parts either. 😀😀


Just did W8R1 today and felt exactly the same about the final announcements (or lack of one of them). Ignored the suggestion to speed up (are you kidding?!), and felt robbed of the opportunity to raise tempo by a smidgeon at the '1min to go'. Had to do mine with no music as Android 'Play Music' and 'Couch to 5k' apps weren't playing nice with each other. I've had a couple of problems now with app interactions. One left me running for 29mins on a 25min run before I figured Couch to 5k had crashed. :-)

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