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Reasons to run

As I approach week two I am reminding myself of my reasons to run...

My son encouraged me for a long time to do this. He is an inspiration as he prepares for the London Marathon this year. He has promised to do my first park run with me.

To keep active for my 7 month old Grandson

To be fitter, toned and healthier as I grow older

To prevent heart disease and osteoporosis

Improve Asthma and cholesterol

Reduce low mood and anxiety

To aim to reach the end of the challenge and be proud of the journey

What is your reason to run?.....

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Well done you, it’s great isn’t it?

I started as I wanted to feel better with myself after some time off work with stress, the side effect is I’ve never been lighter or fitter!

Good luck with the first Parkrun, it won’t be your last!


Mine is similar to yours I think. I didn't want to be a butterball pensioner. I didn't want to be compared with others in a sporting context, but wanted to test me and see how I did. I reduced my blood pressure problems within 3 months of graduating and now I run to raise funds for Alzheimer's Research.

And my stress levels have reduced immeasurably as a side effect. Good luck with your running - with the motivation you have you will be a park run granny in no time at all


Thank you for your inspiration and encouraging comments. Sounds like you graduated well and it’s great you are now running for charity



I've reached 51 now, which has coincided perfectly with having more 'Me Time'. Being post-50, I wanted to take greater personal responsibility for the quality of my health/life over the longer term. My goal is to lose about a stone in weight, improve my diet, and get fitter so, God willing, I will continue to have a healthy presence in my children's lives for as long as possible. Thanks for asking!

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When I started I didn't have much reason to run, just that I wanted to. The more runs I do, the more reasons I find - it really helps with my mental health, energy levels, inspires me to take better overall care of myself and when the sky's blue, I just love the feeling of freedom. 😊 I hope you find lots more reasons as you go on too.


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