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App users - anyone changed phones during challenge?

Hi. I am due to change my phone next week but I worried in case I can't get the app to transfer with my runs to date. I had hoped to have graduated first but got yet another cold that has stopped me in my tracks with only 5 runs to go! Just wondered if anyone out there has changed phones and had any problems transferring the app?

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do you need to transfer it? Can you not just download it afresh on the new phone and start it from the point at which you left off? You can select any run you want within the app. it does not require you to have 'ticked off' the previous ones before you can select W7 R2 or whatever.


Not changed phones but one of my runs didn't record for some reason, and after a stressy five mins found that you can open a run and skim through with the forward arrows next to the pause button. At the end you get the 'how was your run?' Bit and it records as done ☺️

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