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What a week?

Week 8 with a vengeance! Monday was just a wet quagmire of a run - very wet under foot, wet shoes, socks the lot! A proper test of endurance whilst Thurs was cold,icy and crazy but a relief to get over the line! Today was double rain forecast and down it came, so off to the gym and a treadmill- what! Well totally different to running outside in the fresh air-concentration needed just to keep my legs rotating - it felt like forever 😬 however all done now and the body is still in one piece and the finale is looming.

It’s been a long but very enjoyable journey but one I will never forget!😜

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Yes! Onto 9 - hope you’re able to have a slightly less cold and waterlogged week!


Tried the park tonight with all them there hills up and down! Enjoyed it but it tested me and my body! 2 to go!😉


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