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Buddy is back!

We were due to run last night - I was quite tired after a day of very much walking, but determined to go anyway. DD2 decided she felt tired, and her knee and ankle aches so she’s give it a miss - until I was heading for the front door at which point she said ‘wait for me!’, rushed to get changed, and came out with me after all!

It was a dark and very cold evening, of course, and there was a group of people at the entrance to the path we normally go down to start, so we did a slightly different route. The sore knee and ankle were soon forgotten as every time we ran DD2 disappeared into the dark far ahead of me, coming back in the walking intervals! I was finding it harder work than the previous run, but made it through; I’m trying to remind myself not to worry about how hard week 3 will be, as there’s another week 2 run to go yet - and in fact possibly two more if DD2 wants to do all three before moving on. (Given that she does extra bonus running during the cool-down, I’m not concerned about her moving on without doing all three - her fitness isn’t an issue!) Going brought the programme slowly suits me fine - I know I’ll need to put in extra steps between weeks 3 & 4 anyway, so an extra run in the first couple of weeks isn’t a problem at all.


Just so glad to be getting back to running! :D

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