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Have faith...long hiatus but I’m back!!

Back in September I developed a problem with my ITB, many physio sessions and excercises for strengthening my glutes - yes that did include squats which I now rather enjoy!! - I was given the ok to run literally just before Xmas, did a couple of 3km runs and then just after Xmas developed an ear infection/perforated ear drum, still not sorted but much better so today despite the rain I went out and did another 3km. Very chuffed that after a whole month of nothing I could still run 🏃‍♂️ The reason for this post is to say to anyone else on the IC or with too much crap going on that they need to take a break from running you won’t lose what you’ve got in the bag. So I may have been up to running 6k before all this but just the fact I can run again is AMAZING...and I only graduated back in May. Have faith people and happy happy running 😁

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Well done to you for hanging on in there, that's some perseverance you have, and well rewarded by a fab run. Wishing you a very enjoyable 2018 running! :)


Thank you. 😊


Welcome back.

Do take it easy getting back up to speed, or you know where you are headed..........and you don't want to go there.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thank you...slow and steady is my plan! 😉


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