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Back to square one

Successfully completed the C25K over a year ago although I must admit that after the initial enjoyment and highs I did find it a bit tedious running on my own. Anyway after a series of health problems including terrible nosebleeds, severe anaemia and then hip tendonitis (?) and an Achilles injury I was well and truly out of the habit. Decided to take myself in hand as work is terribly stressful (Am in danger of losing my mind) and I have put on some weight!

So tonight I didn’t allow myself to procrastinate and started week one again. To be fair it was fairly easy but on the advice of the physio a while ago I will stick to the plan and see if I can sustain it this time.

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I’ve started again from week 5 after getting out of the habit. It seemed to go ok...

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Well done. Good for head and body. You could always look at park runs if you want company. They are on Saturday mornings and it kicks your weekend off in a positive way x


The plan is designed as it is for good reasons and deviation is likely to increase injury risk.

Well done for getting back to it.

The guide healthunlocked.com/couchto5... may help you.


Welcome back. Keep dropping in here for support and a well placed boot when needed


Well done for getting back to it! I find it great for stress levels...my job would push me over the edge otherwise!! I got out of habit in October as injured my knee then my back and life just took over...am back to 3 times a week now and building up again gradually. Keep at it keep posting


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