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Happy New Year to you all , with lots of happy running , happiness , laughter and good health!

I really need to push myself to go for a run today. Feel so sluggish post- festivities. Must have put on so much weight :-( only been for one post-Christmas run so far. I have been doing 30 mins runs since graduating following similar routes. I think I will carry on for another week before trying the c25k+ podcasts ?!

I am going to force myself now to put on my running gear!

Back to work on Thursday!

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Go for it ! One post Christmas run well that sounds good to me as today is only the 2nd! Nobody is counting and hey just think of the extra energy you will have now to burn off !! You will go like the wind !

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Just did my run on the treadmill as it was pouring down. It was hard at the beginning but ok after a while . Listened to “murder on the orient express “ while running; first time as normally I listen to music. Quite enjoyed it . Thank you so much for your encouragement :-)

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Well done!👍

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