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What a lovely morning!

I had planned a longer run this morning but when I woke up and saw ice everywhere I immediately snuggled down under the duvet again. A few minutes later having had a stern word with myself I decided I'd do a shorter local run which is mainly country footpaths.

Wow, so glad I got out there. It was beautiful!.

Muddy areas were frozen and easier to run over, long grass was frosty and crunched underfoot and the sun actually felt warm on my back. I think I was smiling all the way!

Fortunately we don't have snow here but I know some of you are having a difficult time. Please don't take any risks in the ice and snow, but get out there if you can.

Happy running!

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I had a great run this morning too - lovely hard frost, bright blue sunny sky and big smiles 😊

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