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Early Xmas pressie to myself... Venturing outside!`

Despite managing to graduate 2 weeks ago now, today was the first time in years I ventured outside for a run!

I managed the whole 30 minutes (which was about 25 minutes longer than I thought I would at first as it took some adapting). Since I couldn't manage to download or set up an app and I was only armed with a stopwatch and am bad at maths, I have no idea if I was faster or slower or what sort of gradient I was running at etc, all I know is that I ran for 30 minutes outside!!

I can see pros and cons for both that I'm sure I'll get into a bit more another time, but for now, Merry Christmas everybody. Be kind to yourselves and be proud of your achievements this festive period, no matter where you are on the programme.

Happy running (or happy well deserved time off from running).

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Excellent and it doesn't matter what gradient,pace etc just enjoy being out there


Well done. It’s quite a step from one environment to the other. I find the treadmill hurts my legs, but on the other hand my maximum heart rate is well within what it should be, whereas it zooms way over when I run outside because it’s so hilly here. The main thing is I find the treadmill so boring. I’m sure you will grow to love outside running, especially when spring comes x

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Really? If anything, I don't know how people with bad knees/ankles run outside. I find the treadmill much more forgiving on legs for sure! I think I was about as bored as I ever am on the treadmill, didn't notice much of a difference with that respect to be honest. But it was nice not to be so overheated!


Mine is very small. The large one when I had my gait tested was fine. My legs never hurt when running outside, despite my old injuries, but I think I stretch out more. Running outside, there is always something to see 😊 As for over heating, I was shocked with the treadmill to find my hair soaked with sweat!


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