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Week 6, Run 3

Good morning all!

So I’ve just completed run 3 of week 6. Pretty impressed with myself considering I’ve had 2 weeks off due to pain in my left foot and a horrific cold but I’m feeling relatively fighting fit now so thought I’d start where I finished off! Managed all of it apart from about 90 seconds where I stopped to give my boyfriend a quick kiss as I was running behind him whilst he was walking to work!

Now it’s time for bed! 😴

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That's a long kiss...............how lovely.....

Well done.

Here's hoping you don't get any more interuptions.

Maybe running ahead of your boyfriend would avoid such distractions.

Keep running, keep smiling


Well it was an unexpected surprise so he wanted to talk to me lol normally I run along a cycle path or beach so it shouldn’t happen again!

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