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Not running related but what a great idea!

Someone I know has posted on Facebook about donating old toys, clothes etc to Women’s Aid before Xmas so the families have something to open. One lady mentioned her son gifted to a 5 year old who was delighted to receive his first pair of underwear. Another mentioned a mum with 3 kids who all turned up at school on different days - they were never seen together. When the school investigated, it turned out they only had one pair of shoes that the kids were sharing.

I’m absolutely breaking my heart looking at all the things my boys have and take for granted, but some poor kids don’t even have pants or shoes.

I’m going to clear out the boys toys and clothes they don’t need and donate it this Christmas. Please, if you’re able and in a position to, would you think about doing the same to a charity? 🎄🎅

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I'm not sure they'll want my pants.

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I’m happy to buy a pack of pants and vests to send with the toys etc. My boys also have stuff they’ve never worn that could go. The people who get help in refuges by women’s aid have escaped abusive situations so I’m sure the kids will be grateful for anything. Everyone’s situation is different though, that’s just my own feelings x


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