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Where to run?

I’ve been following the programme and I’m now on week 6 run 3, so the runs are bigger from now and up until this point I’ve been following the programme on a treadmill, which has worked but I seem to get really hot. I was thinking of having a change and trying a run outside but for some reason I’m really nervous, what if I can’t run?! So I’ve posted this for some guidance am I going to find it harder as I hear alot (not on here) that running on a treadmill is easier! Also can somebody tell me a good tracker for my phone so that I could track how far I’ve ran. Thanks guys😀

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If you can run on a treadmill you can run outside. When you start running outside you suddenly lose a whole host of excuses not to run. You don't need to drive to the gym. You can run on holiday, business trips, visiting friends/relatives. There is nothing quite like running in the early morning sunshine. It can be glorious. I'm about to go so we can run together.

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Hi there...

Well done for reaching this great point... the lovely longer runs if Week 7 would be ideal for heading out there!

It is different.. and that says it all! There is a lot of information to advise on the transition to running outside but basically, on the treadmill, pace, distance and incline is available and adjustable

Inside, you run in a controlled environment. Heading outdoors, there are so many variables, the changing seasons, weather, wind, elevation, and surface type for starters! No outdoor route, even the same route, is ever run in the same way,

If you go out, then start at a pace that is slower than your treadmill runs; you need to get used to the outdoor differences. Be aware of the routes you choose first, and take care.

Once you adjust, you’ll be on your way !

Sounds daunting, but the outdoor runs are amazing... many of us absolutely love them.

Slow and steady running is the way...and for tracking runs.... many folk wear a Garmin...and Strava, is a great and fun way of recording and tracking your runs:).. and there are a few of us there:)

So.. get out and have a try... and keep us posted please?


Well yeah, *what* if you can't run? Nothing! No-one will come and tattoo your forehead with "Rubbish Runner" and if people see you stop running, well how do they know that wasn't the end of your run interval? Run wherever you fancy... if you'd walk there you can run there. Personally, I am quite precious about my joints and am blessed with lots of choice of lovely places to run so I avoid tarmac and hard surfaces most of the time (although wouldn't necessarily recommend the calf deep in peaty puddles to everyone) Lovely vitamin D for your immune system and mood!

I would suggest that you save run tracking until after graduation. So many people do it too early: it is almost never a helpful positive experience at this stage. C25k is about continuous running for 30 minutes, not speed, not distance.

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You’re in for a treat- running outside is so much easier and so interesting. Good luck! It might take a few runs to get used to it but my guess is that you won’t go back to the treadmill. Starting and finishing at your front door saves you so much time. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


You will be fine! Follow the good advice above and enjoy being out and about with all the pleasure and interest that being in the world brings. Every run is a different one when you run in the great outdoors....


I will also go with the runs outside if I had to run on the treadmill i probably would have given up after week three. I download audiobooks to listen to when I’m running it’s great and has kept me totally motivated. Agree with others it gives no excuses when your on holiday or away keep going your doing great 😀


Just got back really enjoyed being outside although I did have to walk a couple of times partly because it took me a while to sort out my pace and partly as I chose my route badly lol. It was very muddy in places and so there was no way I could run through it but as soon as it wasn’t muddy I was back to it! Time seemed to go a lot quicker, change of scenery and endless good mornings I expect. I’m going to rerun this run due to the gaps in the running but I’m really pleased I did it and will definitely be fitting outdoor runs into my week. Thanks everyone for the words of wisdom x


Hi I do both but find I tend to run faster outside so have to slow myself down otherwise I struggle to finish where as on the treadmill it’s nice and consistent. Ull be fine outside it’s a nice change I use Strava app to track x


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