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Week 8 run 1

I set my support team (AKA Husband) to the task of finding me a circular route that I could run this week because I am getting tired of running in a straight line, turning round and heading back again, but living out in the countryside if I run from home there is not too much choice as lots of the local roads are farm access roads which come to a dead end in the middle of nowhere.

However, with a little help from Google Earth he only went and found me a square within a couple of miles of home that is 5.03km. Sorted! As we live at the top of a big hill, the first two sides of the square were generally up hill and the second two generally downhill, but I was able to pace myself on the first half knowing that I would have a bit more "puff" on the second. I was running towards the most beautiful sunrise on the first half which also kept me motivated for getting up the hill to the half way point. It was tough, I wont lie, but I didnt ever think about stopping. I just kept repeating to myself "How awesome am I? I am a runner!" It certainly worked lol

The step up from 25 to 28 mins was fine, I just made sure to include an extra song in my playlist this morning to keep me ticking along. I ended running just before reaching my car and so was able to walk a bit further round the start of my "course" and back again for the warm down - all with a big cheesy grin on my face.

Got to love these early morning runs.

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Did my W8R1 yesterday and like you finished with a big cheesy grin.

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Brilliant! You are so close to that podium!

Don't forget if you run the other way round its like having two different routes👍🏼


Thanks, It actually feels real now! As for the routes, thats exactly what I was thinking too - and nice to have a different option so close to home!


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