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Good old snail pace

Set off a little after dawn for my first pre- breakfast run ( W6R1) - beautiful pink & blue sky, little carrot chaser pony ( from last run) still asleep! Oh the relief when Laura announced intervals!! ( I don't look ahead - did it once & immediately thought "I'll never manage" - so I just let Laura surprise me run by run.) After struggling last time, I firmly made myself go extra extra slow, extra relaxed ( good jellyfish impression) - so very surprised to find that I had gone further than ever before in the time!!! 😀

P.S About a month ago someone

( really sorry I don't remember who) described beginner running as a "joffle" - half jog, half shuffle - that's me! Happy Joffler today😁

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I started with a JALK - 25% Jog and 75% Walk - now getting to a JOLK! Might eventually get to a RUG!!

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