Struggling with energy levels

Hey guys so Week 7 run 3 completed today. Runs feeling ok but am struggling with energy levels afterwards! I am gluten and dairy free due to a health condition and finding it difficult to find enough energy giving foods to keep me going. Any suggestions for maintaining energy levels? As Richard just reminded me I have actually done 4 Runs in 8 Days. I just wonder if I am eating enough ?


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  • Maybe try eating a few Brazil nuts or protein shake made with soya . Uve got this and in 2 weeks that cup will be urs 😀 x

  • Yes thanks Shelby !! I have been having banana ice cream before runs ! I run in the morning so it’s a light start. It’s homemade just bananas blended. Then I come home and make shake with hemp protein powder and fruit. I am not giving up. Like Trevor said maybe have an additional days rest in between. I did this in the first few weeks, then as the weeks went on just stayed “dedicated” and loving it.

  • If you're currently running every other day maybe take an extra rest day between some runs. You can do 3 runs per week which would give you 2 days rest between some of the runs.

  • Yes Trevor think I should get back to this. In the earlier weeks I did have two days in some areas. I think this will happen next week and we’ll lets see how I feel on Sunday. It is all new and learning each step of the way !!

  • Use an online calculator to establish you TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). Then use a food tracker such as My Fitness Pal to calculate how many calories you are consuming a day. If the latter is more than the former then you need to eat more. It will also give you a breakdown of your carb/protein/fat ratios. Most people seem to baulk at this idea but otehrwise you are going by guesswork.

    Also: sleep more. Rest days are essential but extra sleep is how your body recovers. Go to bed at 8PM 4 nights running (haha no pun intended).

  • Hi Rignold, thanks for these suggestions ! Never really gone into this area before! Am not really a “calculating calories person” I live in Thailand and we have no idea of calories in food here !! It’s all in local language. But you know what I will have a look into this anyway. Am just missing bread and cheese with these new dietary restrictions !!

  • well there are calories in food wherever they are situated on the globe, and a cup of rice is a cup of rice (about 205 cals). These days you don't have to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of food calories, you just tell the app what you have eaten and it works it out for you.

    Everyone always throws up their hands in horror at the idea of counting the calories to know how much they have eaten. And yet wonder whether they are eating enough/too much.

  • Sounds great, I will give it a go. !! I eat very healthy, never been a junky. And previously had a well balanced diet. The gluten and dairy through me for a while, then I added running into the mix ! So rebalancing now . So let me check out the programme you mentioned. And now it's almost 8pm and I need my bed !! Zzzzzzz

  • Hi Trevor I did thisbtoday seems my total expenditure rate is 2359 calories. So for sure sure I haven’t been eating enough !! I am quite a light healthy eater but clearly now I have added running into my schedule it needs to be increased. Thanks again for the tip !

  • P.s I do go to bed early anyway !! Love my bed, sleep and rest !!

  • If your new into the dietary restrictions your body will be going though loads of changes. MrRfc was diagnosed celiac four years ago and it took us a while to get everything changed around with enough nutrition for him. Some people recently diagnosed can be a little undernourished just after diagnoses because of the pressure the condition can put on the body not being able to absorb the nutrients properly. you will find your feet and probably fueling your runs will go in your favour because it will get you more tuned into what your body responds to.

    Good luck and happy running and eating 😀.

  • THANKYOU yes I feel it will settle down, and the priority goal right now is to fuel for runs. And afterwards!!! The new challenge is finding new nourishing fuel! , I want to maintain the running, so must maintain good fueling!

  • Well done.. are you keeping up your exercise on rest days now the runs are getting longer. Strength and stamina are really key now :)

    Not sure what your eating regime is.. my daughter is a Coeliac. and eats dairy free also...but she has more energy than me, even with an eleven month old? So, maybe you are not eating enough.. her eating regime is loads of beans quinoa, pulses, so many veggies you would not believe, fruit, brown rice....GF pasta etc etc.. she rarely eats red meat, but does eat fish and chicken too..

    I found this item for you ?

    It may help :)

  • You are so thoughtful Oldfliss thanks so much. Seems from the article and what you mentioned your daughter eats now, am eating the right things! Maybe just need to increase. I have noticed my appetite has really increased since I started running so now need to get creative and look for more snacks. I also do feel better with no gluten or dairy, and like your daughter have seen better health and energy from it.

    Yes still doing yoga, walking and dome stamina exercises in between. Feel better this morning after a good sleep!

  • That is great.. there are some great websites re your eating regime...I can send you some links if you like :)

  • Ok if you don’t mind and only if you have time it would be appreciated x

  • I will PM you the links :)

  • What you need for energy is fat, I think. I had to go gluten, dairy, soy, citrus, and egg free with my son as he had severe allergies as a nursing babe (an extreme and not very fun dietary change, but amply rewarded in an infant without running sores over most of his body). Fat is the thing you miss most with dairy. In my experience I am hungry until I eat a certain amount of fat (believe me, I did NOT gain wait on my diet). Gluten fills you in a particular way and you just have to get used to a different feeling. OK: things with fat: fatty meats (red meat particularly), fatty fish (cold water fish like mackerel, salmon), nuts, avocados, coconut, obviously oils too. For gluten replacement, I ate quite a lot of potatoes (but I was in Sweden in my defense) but also sweet potatoes and corn. Of course rice also but nice to have variety. I'd be looking at coconut in Thailand as something to incorporate a lot more, and would investigate the different types of fish available.

  • Hi evjctuns. This is so helpful Thankyou. I can imagine how challenging that must have been for you and your child. It seems more and more people are becoming sensitive to the most common things, most people take for granted. You are right about the feeling full issue too. I have actually lost weight on this no regime also. Even though I have added healthy fats to it. Lately I have been having more sweet potatoes and Avos are in season here so have this as much as I can. Coconut oil I have in smoothies and made a delicious coconut dairy free coffee creamer with it. I am also egg free! I love fish and must admit I only really have when travelling for my work as can trust its source !!Fish is very expensive here and the local fish doesn’t suit my palate.

    Also make my own tahini.

    So more fat and before a run would be good also.

    Thanks so much for sharing x.

  • well I didn't know just what he was allergic to so I cut everything out (those are the five most common allergens) then added it back in later. Eggs were the biggest trigger followed by cows milk and citrus. Gluten and soy were fine in the end... After all that my mom helpfully told me that my oldest brother couldn't tolerate eggs either....

    I made a lot of great nut butters -- if you have a food processor, you have to whiz them for about 10 minutes which seems impossibly long but works. Trust me! I'd flavour them too -- cashew and honey, peanut and chilli...

  • Almond milk is great too :)

  • Yes I have some almond and walnut milk you can buy here. It is interesting to see once you stop milk you don’t really want it anymore ! Love my coconut oil coffee creamer 😋

  • You are a star !! Don't have food processor yet, been using my faithful blender !! Have an awesome day and thanks again !

  • I'm assuming you eat well normally? Perhaps add in an extra banana, nuts, humous, fruit? There is loads out there that will help with your energy. Make sure you eat enough of the right things 😎

  • Yes I do Ju-Ju. Always eaten healthy, think it is just a case of eating more of what I do eat. Been eating more today fueling up for tomorrow !! 😉😀😀 actually feeling more confident now !

  • An idea for a snack. A coeliac friend of ours eats homemade peanut butter with slices of apple about twenty minutes before exercising

  • Sounds good although not sure about apples I find them a bit hard to digest , especially before a run. Maybe a spoonful of peanut butter though! Thanks !!

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