Different Climates

Different Climates

So I finally made it to the park this morning! It's been treadmill for a week due to flooding where I live. The 25 minute runs were going great in an air conditioned environment!! It was such a joy to run in the park this morning but the heat killed me, so I quit at 24 mins !! But after that one minute break I still did the warm down walk.

No hard feelings with myself I really couldn't push through that last one minute, !! Really I tried. Instead I looked up to the sky !! And here is a photo for you !

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  • wow, amazing place to run! Could you go early at sunrise so its cooler?

  • Hi Ju Ju, I once tried running around sunrise and it wasn't good! I felt so drained. My energy is normally best in the morning. I went at 7am today which was prob a bit late. I was just so relieved to get outside again! As I am new to running, am sure it will take experience if different climes. How about you, do you find running in the morning or evening best ?

  • personally I prefer early morning. I always eat a biscuit or something before i go out and a meal the night before. On holiday in Majorca last Summer I ran just at sunrise so there was a coolish wind and I was always treated to the most glorious sunrise... its worth another bash?

  • Yes it is def worth another bash !!! It has crossed my mind too!! I will !! Next week I am travelling for my work, so could be a beach run. Had some tips on that from everyone on here, so hopefully if the beach is flat will give it a go!!

  • Looks lovely 😊

  • Wow... great pikkie :)

  • Beautiful!! Where are you?

  • Thailand ! I took this photo after my run to encourage people to “look up more “ posted on my Instagram health page ! Run 3 week 7 tomorrow !

  • Ah lovely...my daughter will be there for her honeymoon next year.

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