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My daughter says I'm a runner!

I started with a new personal trainer last September and told him i didnt run and don't want to run. One week later, he made me go on the treadmill and at a very very slow pace, I was completely knackered after 30 seconds. I hoped that would be the last run I would ever do but he made me do it again and again in following sessions and I eventually managed to run one mile, hating every minute of it. I told my daughter who said that she had decided we could do something together. That was the Perkins great eastern run in October. Plenty of time we both thought! At her suggestion, I joined a beginner's running club called run4fun and for six weeks we went from not running at all, to running 5k. A very similar programme to couch to 5k but in a group of other non runners all with the same purpose. The original 15 dwindled to 8 and on our 6th training session we all went to Ferry Meadows in Peterborough to do the park run and we all finished. The following week, realising i could actually run albeit slowly, my daughter and i ran the 10k race for life. My time was 1hr 38min and hers was 1hr 10 mins. But we both achieved a goal of running 10k. Our next goal was the great eastern run. The problem was that we sort of misinterpreted 13 miles as not far from 10 kilometres. 13 is after all only 3 numbers over 10 BUT it's not kilometres, it's miles which is a bloody long way, in fact it's double the 10k! So after a discussion with a running coach, we have downgraded to the 5k, a distance we can both do easily, so roll on Sunday as the half marathon can wait til next year! I've now run 10 park runs and beaten my PB three times but I know I can do better.. and I will, and it's all than a to a personal trainer who made me run when I never ever wanted to, and a daughter who made me believe in myself.

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Hehe, I love this post, the reluctant runner, you know your hooked really😀 Even if you don't quite admit it. Good luck in your even this weekend.

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