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Running in the dark

So I have been following the plan regularly upto w8r1. I always go out after putting my two young children to bed as it's the only part of the day when I get some time to myself! However all of a sudden it has got very dark after 7 and it has really put me off going out. I know it's a bit ott to think someone will jump out on me or try and mug me etc but can't help but feel anxious about it. Really want to finish the plan and not go back to the treadmill. Thought maybe could go out at 5/6am this morning and still as dark and cold and wet and you know .....

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Whatever time of day you decide you need to invest in bright reflective clothing so you'll be seen. I need to get a decent head torch as my first, and last, half mile is completely dark thanks to council cutbacks...


It does seem to have got suddenly dark. My run last night was the first that started after sunset, and it took some adjusting to.

If you're concerned about safety, have you considered joining a running club so you could run in a group?


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