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3rd Run and my Achilies is thumping :(

Well all was good until last night then i had to run a slight incline and mt achilies started to hurt. So so upset.

Been to doctor he says tendonitis and gave me some Brufin gell.

This is not a twitch its hurt so dont know how long :(

Going to try and see a physio and get him to work on my lower legs as they need Am almost in tears but will suck it up and get on with it loosening up or I will have this again.

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maybe you should slow down your run, and reduce your stride length (reduces impact on your heel) and then incorporate some stretches at the end of the run. Someone on the forum advised me that stretching before the run, can do more harm that good - as at that stage your tendons are still relatively cold (unused) so the active 5 minute walk plus your normal run/walk + warm down plus some stretches at the end of the run will help build up the bounce in your tendons and help avoid injuries. Good luck with your recovery.


Ye am not stretching as I knew if anything would go it would be the achilies. Found a very good exercise vidio to help strengthen, not sure if I can link it though


You are doing the right thing. Continuing could cause permanent damage. I have had tweaked Achilles and it did take a few weeks of exercises and rest to get back to running condition. Follow the advice of your physio.

Good luck.


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