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Fitbit help please

I'm just wondering if you kind people could give me some Fitbit advice please.

I'm currently at W7 R2. I have downloaded the Strava app to track my run. At the moment I use a Fitbit Zip - I found this a fun way to keep a count of my daily steps.

But now I'm feeling a little more serious about running, I'm considering upgrading my Fitbit to a wristband one. Ideally one that will track my run etc. Although I always take my phone out running with me because I use that for music and the C25K app.

Any Fitbit users able to offer suggestions please? Thank you 😊

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I use a Fitbit Alta HR. It's small for a wrist based one. Works well and has the benefit of a heart rate monitor which is good to see how hard you are working.


Good Morning,

I am not in anyway technically minded or into gadgets but if it helps I have a FitBit Charge 2. It counts my steps, monitors my; sleep (which is really interesting), heart rate, water consumption, calories eaten, weight, all my exercise; dog walking, cycling and the C25K

I set it up myself so it was easy to do and I like it but you may want to get some more expert advice as a different model may be better for you.

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I have a flex 2. It doesn't do heart rate but you can use it for swimming too and it's nice and slim


As a non Fitbit user I am aware that they have made great strides in their technology, but apparently are still inherently inaccurate compared to a dedicated running watch, or maybe even a free tracking app on your phone.

You pays yer money...............


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