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Couch to 5K
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Well this is where week 2 starts again!

First run of week 2 today, found it a little harder than week 1. This being my second time round C25K. I'm trying to move a little faster in the early weeks as i found by the end of week 8 i was a little fed up with my extra slow snail pace. I know its not about speed and that will come in the end, but it's something i felt i needed to do and i do feel i enjoy the runs more now that I don't feel I'm "running" faster than i walk

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You are not alone, I'm toying with the idea of going back to the beginning and jogging the walk parts and going faster on the running parts but I'm only going to do 2 out of he 3 runs for each week as I also want to work on my endurance, so I'll be adding 10% to the other run each week to go for distance, even at a slow jog.

I'm happy to plod along at the minute, at week 7 currently and want to graduate before I change it up any.

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