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Notice to Questers

Hi there, I know you will be looking for the New quest today but we are making a few very little changes.

The quest has always been open only to Graduates and started before we had a Bridge forum, so now that we have one it makes sense to move the quest over to the Bridge forum.

The forums are growing rapidly every month and admin duties are getting bigger so we need to streamline how we divide up the duties. The best way for us to do this is on a monthly basis so everyone knows come the first of the month we all move around. For you the only difference in the quest you will see is that it will start on the first of the month and last for the whole calendar month and it will be over on the bridge forum.

We will also be starting some new projects for the C25K forum in October as well, so please keep your eyes peeled for those.

I hope you all understand our motives and can accommodate the changes.

Happy running to you all and see you on the Bridge on the 1st of November.

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I have really appreciated the Quests which have helped me make a lot of things I wanted to happen happen, but moving them to a 'next steps' forum does make a lot of sense.

Plus I am all for keeping administration as simple as possible. It's terribly easy for volunteer teams in internet groups to overcomplicate things and disappear up their own behinds (BTDT) Looks good superficially but very excluding ultimately and the C25K forum has been exceptional.

I shall miss having a Quest for the next six weeks though!

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I will make sure I stay away from my own behind. 😀 It is only 12 days to the start of the next quest. Yes I have just seen I have made a glaringly obvious mistake (to me) it meant to say October, my brain was not in gear yesterday. I will change that. I would not leave you so long without a quest.

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Ah that's good to know!


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