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Delay until Monday 🙁

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control (my husband falling - thankfully nothing broken just badly bruised) I have had to delay my start date until tomorrow 🙁 all psyched up and ready to go but these things happen Will be up and out early in the morning as the temperature rises quickly and will let you all know how it goes I'm still a bit worried but as you have all told me I will take it slow and easy

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You will be fine, despite the delay.

Can I suggest, that you prepare calmly, rather than get psyched up............although, yeah, that first one might need a bit of psyching. From there on you have crossed the Rubicon.

Good luck.


Thanks for that lol I meant I was all psyched up today hopefully I will rise in the morning and just do it


Gosh.. thank goodness he is okay! The run will still be out there.. slow and steady does it:)



You will be fine... slower than a snail on a go slow :)

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Oo - hope he recovers soon. I'm sure you'll be fine tomorrow - just get up and go for it! You can do this :)

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