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Thoughts welcomed

Sorry in advance for the long post...

So we're to start...I had to put my c25k journey on hold at the end of July as I injured my calf. So I choose to give myself a complete week of no running to assist in the recovery.

Sadly as I was nearing the end of that week I caught laryngitis which lasted a week - I then developed bronchitis which took over two weeks to clear. I then hurt my back and have been seen a few times by the chiropractor who is happy with my recovery. My chiropractor has suggested that I try getting back on the running and suggested going back over the programme from were I feel comfortable.

Anyway the reason for my post far back do you think I should go given that I've done no exercise since the end of July?!

All thoughts welcome. 😉😘

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Ooh a difficult one, I am a cautious bunny so I'd say why not try Week 2 intervals of 90 seconds and if you reach that easily, then skip to Week 3. It's difficult especially after you've had bronchitis. But aiming to do a 90 second interval shouldn't be too hard, but if it is then clearly your previous fitness has been seriously undermined. But you can always try and if it's a struggle listen to your body and take it from there.

Not sure that is much help?

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Thanks Jancanrun - I was thinking I'd go back to week 3 so your thoughts are very helpful.

I forgot to mention that I had reached the end of Week 7 before all of this started.


Oh what a horrible time for the illness to have hit you then. Week 3 sounds like a good idea, because if it's too tough, you just rest earlier. Hope you get back in the swing again soon enough

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If you're very unsure you could go back to week 1. If that's fine move on to week 2 immediately, and continue like that until things get difficult. Then follow the programme from there. Good luck and well done for coming back!


Well you were at the end of Week maybe just head time, distance or pressure... try a very gentle joggette and a walk.. see how you feel.. that will give you an idea of where you feel you would like to be:)

The danger with going too far back is that you may find you go too fast in the shorter run sections.. Week 4 would be my choice..but try a dip your toe in the water run first!

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Thanks everyone. I did it.... I decided to try W4R1 and almost completed it - just the last 5 minute run I really struggled with and did 2.5 minute run 1.5 walk and 1 run instead. I did find the whole thing quite hard but think I'll try it again in a couple of days and see if I find it any easier or if I need to go back further on the programme.

Fingers crossed 🤞none of my injuries flare back up now 😊


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