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W4 done - but W5 is a mental block and need sleep!

I am back on the couch to 5K after trying a year ago, getting all the way to W5R1 and then... it rained. And that was the end of that. A year later, I am much more unfit, feel much more than a year older (I'm now 40) and... every week has exhausted me. Over the weekend, I must have slept more than 11 hours each night. And my legs muscles really ache. Oh the plus side, I do feel fitter than I was a month ago.

This week is a busy week at work and I daren't start week 5 in case I am too exhausted to stay awake. I'm kind of planning to repeat week 4, I think. I have two children so can't go to sleep before they get to bed and have to get up when they get up... grrr!

Any tips for how to do this and stay awake?!

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You seem to be doing really well so,


I do think your block is mainly psychological. Go nice and slow and don't build this out of proportion. Loads of people have done this programme successfully- at all ages (I have vague memories of 40!)

Yes you are tired, so how about taking 2 rest days between runs, maybe do some nice easy walks or other exercise. In my experience, the tiredness passes as your strength and stamina increase.

I am sure that you can do this :)

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I'm with Helen wheels on this, take the extra rest day, there's no rule book that says you have to do every other day. If you can manage it in your schedule it's probably better to have a regular rhythm to your runs than off and on. Also as you are doing a little more exercise, cumulatively it's adding up, so it impacts you a little more each time.

W5 is a feisty one, so being mentally prepared is a good thing and tiredness doesn't help for mental prep...

Hope you get some rest and are raring to go.


Agree with helenwheels take an extra rest day or two to allow your body to recover.

You body is working harder and is requiring more sleep to recover. This will settle down as the weeks progress and your body becomes stronger.


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