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Parkrun the sequel, W8r2, facing the wrong way and fashion disasters

So after last week I thought I'd try Parkrun again. I managed a 5k on my own last week with a nearly 4% 1/2 mile hill, so physically I knew it wasn't a fluke, but somehow my head was a bit "woooooaaaa hold on!!"

Having had my after exercise sore calf confirmed as a bit tight rather than injured last night I did some research and I think i have found a contributing factor. The same time I've been running I've been wearing ballet pumps with no heel rise. And as I tend to be a bit heel heavy when I walk, it seems I'm contributing to my own downfall. So today Amazon will be delivering me some heel lifts, and I'm reassessing my wardrobe. Who knew something so simple could have such an impact.

So anyway back today. With my brain trying to tie my shoelaces together, or throw stumps in my path, anything to trip me up and say "told you so" I was a bit out of sorts when it came to the start.

Again the plan was from the start 5 min walk then into the run, and see what was left in the tank after 28 mins. As Laura and I faffed to get sorted, I suddenly realised I had been facing the wrong way and everyone else had started, dogs, buggies, you name it past me by and I was literally 2 from last of the 546 runners. Panic!!!!!!

I quickly kicked Laura up the bum and we started off with our 5 min walk, and then into the run but it was certainly hard work as again my splits were generally 30-60 secs up on normal.

My brain switched from being very in the zone and comfy with the quicker pace to feeling a bit "can we walk now" on the hilly bits, but I'm chuffed to say I ran it all came in 1m45 quicker than last week at 35.23 and again recovery has been really good.

As I seem unable to curb my enthusiasm in company, and as I am planning to head to 10k so will be switching up with intervals and threshold runs once graduated I think I will use Parkrun as my weekly threshold and train around my splits here rather than try and make them the norm and train beyond them. For me running is something I want to sustain not crash and burn so I don't want to push too fast or far to quick.

So again another story from someone who some months ago couldn't easily do W1R1 and got stuck in a rut at W3 you can do it, where ever you are in the plan you're doing great, no matter what speed, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward

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You are a rockstar, such a funny and inspiring share...lol at running he wrong way. You know most of us planet earth inhabitants keep running the wrong way...IN OUR MINDS...our super computer literally allows the chimp to take over...why? Ahyhoo, I am so happy for you. I just completed the 9weeks and I FEEL A million bucks. Got the bug... #Runforlife <3


Well done you!


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