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Pleasant surprise

So the joy of working for a California based firm is the 9 hour time difference with Europe.

So with last minute changes being needed for a big meeting next week that needed input from the US, I didn't get to go to bed until 0425am and was up again at 0630am.

It was also forecasting rain today and a few drops came down as I came back from taking Mrs GB to work.

I can't run tomorrow or Saturday because of business travel so I had to complete W3R3 today.

So I had my banana and some water and drove to my usual joffle trail.

With Oldfloss's and Jancanrun's words in my ears I was pretty sure that today was definitely going to be slow and steady. Especially up the long calf killer incline.

It was only 10am and it was already 23C.

But guess what? I breezed it.

So it would appear I have found my natural pace. By just switching off and thinking 'just get through it' I wasn't concentrating on heel or ball, nose or mouth, is my head bobbing too much.

I glided past the pylon and down to the road sign and even at the end of the 2nd 3 min run I wasn't out of breath.

So I'm not suggesting I stay up all night before each run but it was certainly great to find a comfortable natural pace.

So I'm looking forward to Sunday's W4R1. Especially as I will be doing it somewhere else that hopefully doesn't have the incline!!! (That's the other joy of working for a California based firm :) )

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I used to work for a Californian firm but was based in London and the worst was the telephone call to bring Hong Kong London and San Fran together. Needless to say I was always piggy in the middle, who used to get to bed at silly o'clock....

so the new milestones working out well. Which comes after the road sign?

Great you got the happy pace sorted, that's great at W3.


For the next 14 days I will be swapping road signs for palm trees.

A milestone in every port ;)

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Pretty then , have fun running


Finding your natural, sustainable pace is the key.

You are doing great, you shameless road sign deserter!

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Very, very well done.. I am so glad you are finding my, happy pace...( I used to refer to it as my comfy pace)... but that sounded a tad lazy....and on such a beautiful run too!

Natural pace is perfect too and I can just image you running along that track... lovely!


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