All the help & advice I've had from my running family has helped me get this'm asking you this...and honest answers only (I know you would anyway)....I am due to run W6R3 on Sat & it coincides with the first anniversary of my local park run (& there'll be cake!!!!)...which is across the road from my house, I watch it every Saturday & wonder if I should give it a go....if you've followed my posts since I joined then you'll know that a couple of weekends ago I had printer issues & was unable to print off my barcode so didn't do it & I'd psyched myself up to do my friend who does the park run every week has just messaged me & said he wants me to do it...does anyone think I'm ready & that it's a good place to do the 25 minute run of week 6???? I feel a bit apprehensive....


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  • I think you should go for it, if you take it slow and steady. I'm sure our two wonderful wise mentors who will guide you. Enjoy and tell us how it went. πŸ˜—

  • As you know I did my first parkrun in week 7 and would say go for it. The only thing I found difficult was the first minute when everyone races off. I had to be quite firm with myself about being happy at the back. I wasn't at the back for long and the encouragement was brilliant. I would recommend that you do your 25 mins then walk then only run again when the end is in sight. Good luck!

  • Thankyou...I will email him my barcode now....yikes....

  • Yes, I think you should do it. Do the scheduled week in the plan and carry on if you are able - but be content to walk - you won't be the only one and I doubt you'll be the last.

    Others have said about watching out for the start - I walked at the beginning of my first one until the crush had cleared and I could set my own pace for the run.

    Good luck and enjoy.

  • Well...I'll be doing the 5 min warm up at the beginning...25 min run then 5 min walk again..

    Like everything else...there's always a first time!!! Think I'm up for it...

  • Go you... that is the way... fun..but injury free :)

  • I really like the idea of walking in the beginning and waiting for the path to clear out a little to have your own pace :)

    I want to give your post 2x thumb up :D

  • Go for it.

    Good luck.

  • Think I'm going to...yikes!!

  • Yes, Certainly! No need to worry! do your run on it, just make sure you have your barcode!😁 you can run without a barcode if you have to, but it's good to get your result after and you start recording runs toward your free 50 milestone t- shirt.😊

  • I've emailed my barcode to my friend now so he WILL NOT let me change my mind...he'll knock on my door if I don't turn up!!! Lol...

  • It's great to have such suppprt :) Go girl!

  • Go for it, just remember slow and steady.... and CAKE!!! Hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself πŸ˜‰x

  • The cake's swinging it!!!! Lol...

  • I bet they ain't gluten free. Lol. I can't have the cake.

  • Gluten free lemon cake... and ginger/chocolate.. my daughter makes both.. ...:) I can send you a virtual slice:)

  • Looking forward to seeing the photo of you with the cake after you have completed it.

  • Yes, go girl!

  • Go for it, take it steady, watch it at the beginning as the natural impulse is to go out like the clappers, get your self near the back tucked in so you feel comfortable to go at your own pace all the way round. If your pod cast runs out and you haven't quit finished don't worry do what feels comfortable and come over the finish line with a big smile on your face and have a lovely piece of cake. 🍰. Enjoy it.

  • Oooo, you're making me look forward to it....brilliant advice thank you

  • YES,πŸ˜‚ DO IT. I'm so tempted to do this too. It's not going to hurt your programme AND you'll be doing a park run too.

  • DO IT!!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • You know what.... I AM. Barcode printed off. See ya back here Saturday after. Lol.

    Oh God, I can't wait. 25 bloomin' minutes.... Nneeaaarrgghhh.

  • Yey!!! Good girl....I'll be thinking of ya!!!! Love that we've egged each other on!!!!! Look forward to your post!!! Whoop whoop!!!

  • I'm doing the Catton park run in Norfolk. (Norfolk is flat, never been so happy about that as in the last 6 weeks). Pmsl.

    I've just emailed them to warn em I'm a comin'.

  • I had the opportunity to do a local 5k run as part of my w7 runs. I bottled it in the end, but with the experience of hindsight I should have done it.

    Likewise, I am only a recent convert to park runs. I had convinced myself I was a lone runner and wouldn't like running with others. Running out of excuses I dragged myself along and loved it. Why did I wait so long

    I don't know how quick you are, but if you include your warm up / warm down walk as part of the run as well I doubt you will be far off the finish line. Go for it, don't regret it like I did.

  • Go for it! A friend of my wife helps with the organisation of a park run event and says there are many people who use it as an integral part of their C25K programme. Lots of people running then walking then running etc, all with headphones and all smiling! Having said that I reckon the cake makes it a no brainer!!! Good luck ;0)

  • Go for it, everything I read about park runs says you will be welcome and supported. The main thing is to keep your focus on your run and not get carried away by the general goodfeeling vibe. sheps I think has a good idea to walk first till everyone has cleared and then start your 'run' timer. Go for it and enjoy

  • Cake? God yes. It'll be the nicest cake you will ever eat.πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ°

  • I think you should give it a go. Just go slow and steady on your own pace. You don't have to run every inch of the ParkRun, and when you finish you will have a huge feeling of accomplishment ;)

  • Absolutely, do it! You'll be hooked!

  • Go for it, start your podcast / app when they start, complete whatever run / walk program you are on then walk the rest or if you feel fresh, have a run and then walk.

    There's no time limit, nothing stopping you.

  • Go for it! It sounds like it will be a hoot! Plus...CAKE!!

  • Only one way to find out xx

  • What's that, cake, you say?!

    Go for it. I think you'll have a blast. And don't forget to tell us all about it! :)

  • Lol..I def won't forget...I'm on here more than I'm anywhere!!! πŸ˜‚

  • I say go for it. Just remember to run at your own pace and not try to keep up with seasoned park runners. Sounds like an ideal place to run for 25 minutes. You can do it πŸ‘

  • Do it.

    Follow your C25K run plan and enjoy the company.

    You can buy durable plastic barcode tags through parkrun, which last much longer than a bit of paper, especially if you get wet.

    You will love it. Have you registered your club as NHS C25K?

  • Thank friend has laminated them, they were through my letterbox when I got home from shopping just now...what do you mean have I registered my club as NHS C25K?? I can do that???

  • I have done that now...thanks!!

  • Just remember it's not a race! Go very carefully and stick with the programme.

    Enjoy the cake πŸ™‚πŸ˜‹

  • You have got the way to do it already.. from your reply... use the first five minutes from the start line to warm up, then run for the 25, then walk :) You are gonna be just fine:)

  • I'm hoping so Oldfloss...

  • Suggest you don't try to stay with your friend as that can confuse a person speed-wise. You can still enjoy cake together afterwards. Also I made contact with the tail runner first and she was very reassuring that it's fine to take your time / not a race, etc. I could have happily hung out with her all the way but in fact managed fine. They really want people to use the space to enjoy their own style/stage of running/walking. Having said that the 'group' feeling really lifts and carries you along. It's great that you're going for it - looking forward to your report!

  • Thanks Gillma...I don't think I'd be staying with him anyway, I am more comfortable running alone, in my own head, if you know what I mean? He'll prob lap me anyway...but I don't's the W6R3 that I'm interested in & for the's just a bonus that it's at the park run...I'm not a cake lover but I'm sure I'll be able to force a piece down...I'll post asap when I've done it...thank you x

  • I can't wait to hear a full report! I'm just about to start wk2 so nowhere near park run yet - but I'm thinking ahead! Hope it goes well. Let us know...

  • I will...& it won't be long for you before W2 is a distant memory

  • I'm doing week 3 as my first parkrun/walk/jog tomorrow ....just going to go for it! !😁

  • Hey Bev, yes go for it lovely. Ill be with you at your side virtually running or jogging haha along with you. I'm going to go to one near where I live with a colleague/friend at work. I live in lovely South Wales and this Park run is very friendly. Go, go, go girl x πŸ‘

  • (Chanting): DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!

  • Do it! you'll be fine.

    You already know that lots of people run/walk so you definitely won't be last home.

    Good luck!

  • You'll be fine! RUN SLOW - more slowly than you think you can - I can't emphasise this enough for all stages of C25K! Parkruns have a tail walker so it's impossible to be last 😊 And finally enjoy it. One more thing: did I say to run slow??!

  • Go for it Mummycav109 listen to all the good advice on here. You're lucky to have your friends support, which should help with your initial nerves.

    Once you've done it, I'll expect you'll wonder why you didn't do it before.

    I'm working up towards doing it myself.

  • Just want to wish you luck for your first Parkrun tomorrow Mummycav😊...

    Remember what everyone had said and don't panic at the start...warm up walk, then slow, steady getting your oxygen for 10 mins and relax into it.

    Oh and don't forget to have a fantastic, fun time...and cake...πŸ˜„x

  • was it? :-)

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