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A day extra rest the rain stops and I was back on it! WK 3 run 1.

After feeling sore and with a tweaked hamstring I rested an extra day. However yesterday back home nice and early so no thoughts of negativity straight into kit and out.

Probably the warmest part of the day around 1610 but body felt ok as I started. The fear of running for three minutes pushed away as I just got on with it. The three minute runs came and went, yes they were a little hard right at the end but I expected that. The half hour was over before I realised it.

Need to get head phones sorted (they drop out of my ears) and cannot keep carrying the phone in my hand but was holding off making further investments until I felt I could go the distance.

As I missed a day this week, normally I run Weds, Fri and Sunday should I get back to normality and do my next run today? Feel I could but advice please. Normally I rest Monday and Tuesday.

Lets get this done.

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This is a great little belt... !

Very, very well done indeed!

Please, though, sure you stick to a run then a rest day... if you don't want to upset your run days, take an extra one and run again Sunday! Plenty to do on rest days, walking, cycling, swimming? My run days are Sunday, Tuesday and Friday :)

It can be a temptation to run on consecutive days but that is a mistake, even at this early stage. We have seen a fair few folk end up on the IC or, simply give up later on in the programme!

Th journey is going to be fun and meant to be really enjoyed...You are going to do this!!! :)


Please rest don't be tempted as oldfloss says. And I agree also with scb, when you feel you are mentally committed make the investments, as they are rewarding. Anything that encourages you is great. Hey and let's not forget you did this one, despite the gremlins lurking. Well done you

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You're doing great! As long as you always have at least one rest day between runs you can flex your run days to suit yourself. Enjoy!

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I reckon you are safe to start making investments now. Plus once you have spent some money on running gear you just have to keep going or it was wasted. That was my thinking in week 4 when I spent a small fortune on proper shoes. It's worked so far. 3 weeks after graduation they have come on holiday with me, making my partner somewhat bemused.

You are doing great. Reward yourself with some nice stuff.


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