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45 Replies

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  • I knew there was a reason there somewhere...:)

  • Slow and steady all the way

  • Well I was excited... got a bit carried away when it hit my e nail :)

  • what's an e nail floss!! ??!! :)

  • :) perhaps it should have read... e-snail :)

  • Never!😊😆xxx

  • Ha ha! And at my speed I should live forever!!

  • Me too !

  • Good to know😉xxx

  • Isn't it?x

  • Great news! I'll have to cut back on my mileage though 😩

  • Actually.... now you mention it..... so will I.... :) !

  • Snails definitely rock! Love this

  • We do!!!!

  • Very interesting!

    I shall now stop feeling inadequate when I don't meet my weekly running targets and console myself with the fact that although slow, I should live to run for longer! Lol. 😂😃🍾

  • .... was a flag up fromWomen's Running... and some of the links were brilliant... I got a tad over excited... because, at my age... every little helps! :)

    You are doing just fine :) x

  • Yes yes yes! Im good for this one....... but maybe fewer miles .....didnt expect to ever say that!

  • I know.. it was just the, live longer, that excited me:)

  • If we go slow enough they will never be rid of us, result! 🏃🏻‍♀️👏🏼

  • My sentiments exactly!!! I had such a slow run this morning... wet and soggy and very was fabulous... and now, I know... it was good for me :) As you say... result!

  • The rain this morning was.....WET, but Im glad I got out as I had a grand run! So quiet every where, loved it. Slow steady and marvellous! 😀🏃🏻‍♀️

  • After being on and off the IC, I cannot tell you how great the rain, the mud and the general sogginess felt...

    Go you!!!!

  • Yay! That is what I am running (well, I was until I tried to find out if I could bounce!). :)

  • Wonderful!!!

  • As the token man on this thread, can I point out that it doesn't say what anybody died from..............they might have all got knocked down by buses.

  • Oh dear.. now you may have spoiled it for me and I was so excited ! x

  • Hee hee - you don't live longer, it only seems like it 😄

  • I know a joke about that... :)

  • Brilliant news! Thanks OF. Before reading this hot news, I'd just downloaded the '10k in 8 weeks' training plan from Women's Running and found it just gets you up to being 'out there' at whatever pace for 50 mins or so. Well I can already do that thanks to c25k - but I only cover 5k in that time (loneliest snail in parkrun). So that training plan is a bit silly IMHO - at least badly named. Also, since graduation, I am really enjoying little runs - like running to the beach for 20 mins yesterday for a (very little) swim. so - onward and shortward for me (for now). PS, I had an e-nail end of last week and used t-tree and some tubey toe protectors and it's fine now. X

  • All sounding very positive!

    I did the 10K revisited plan from Women's Running.. it was great... it did not improve my time on my first 10K, but taught me a heck of a lot! It was very disciplined...:) There was a 10K for beginners, plan in the same magazine issue... that did get you running to 10K...:) I will message you re-that :)

    I like the e nail joke!!!

  • Thanks OF!

  • Haha, well, fancy that? 😂

    Slow is my middle name from now on, lol. There's nothing wrong with snails, steady, but sure. 😁😊

  • I agree.. totally!

  • Thanks for that!

    What a relief, certainly takes the pressure off. No more worrying about Parkrun times for me!

  • No need for worry ever,,, you are there and doing just fine:) This link was, just, a bit of fun really as I am the slow and steady champion :)

  • Thanks, just what I needed to hear...I had a disappointing (to me) finish last wknd at my first "real" 5k. It was a small field and I finished 3rd last even tho my time was not bad for me. I've been talking myself back round to a positive attitude as I am 59 and have progressed from a totally sedentary lifestyle to running 3 days a week. Gremlins begone!

  • ... and you are doing brilliantly! Crush those pesky gremlins!!!

  • Nice to see someone agreeing with my approach at last. Refuse to be chivvied into going faster/further than feels right, and don't some people love a well-meaning chivvy :^)

  • They do.. slow and steady.. gets us there.. in one piece and having enjoyed!

  • Thanks for that. It kind of makes sense. The slower you run, the less strain on your heart, which can only be a good thing, combined with a whole food, decent, healthy diet as we all reach old age.

  • Just a bit of fun... but yes, it all follows doesn't it :)

  • There's only one snag with this Floss. You don't run that slowly 😏

  • I know... I choose my speed carefully :)

    This started as fun, as I know that some folk think I am a pain with my. slow and steady :) When it popped up in my e mail.. it was like a sign from the gods !

    It has been a fun thread :) Bit like one of your excellent snippets!!

  • You can never be a pain 🙂

  • Thanks for posting - good news!