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Where to pick up again??


I'm after some advice. I got to W5R3 and it was amazing to run for 20 mins. I even ran before work, when did I become that person!

The next day I had a sore hip but just put it down to the fact that I had run for 20 mins. So off I went to Rome for a few days where I was walking 9 - 10 miles each day.

I carried on and did W6R1 when I got back and I really struggled although I did complete the run. The next day, my hip was sore again so I've had a break for a week and I feel loads better for it.

I'm going to start running again tomorrow and I'm thinking of trying W6 R2 and seeing how I go or should I go back to an earlier week?

It will be 3 weeks since my 20 min run and a week since my W6R1 run.

I'm determined to finish the program and I'm noticing a difference in myself while I'm not running.

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Try it and see. If you find it too much, drop back for the next one. If you don't, happy days.


Every run is beneficial. Do what you can reasonably do and let that be your assessment as to where to pick up. If you try W6 R2 and complete it, move on, if not, do it again or go back one and move on from there. There's no loss.


You won't know if you don't try.......

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So true. W6 R2 here I come 🏃🏻‍♀️

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