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Graduated 11days ago

So I graduated 11 days ago and the next day I went on holiday. Since back from my holiday I have been out twice without Jo Whiley. Oh man I really miss her talking to me and getting me thou the 30mins. I have really struggling instead of running I am jogging before I was doing 4.5/5km. Now it less then that. I feel I have gone backwards after all the work I put in and not enjoying it as much!

Hopefully now I am back to my routine it will get better and will start enjoying it again?

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I'm no expert but if you want structure try the C25+ podcasts. I've tried stepping stones so far. Haven't yet got to what I call running but loving an evening a week jogging along with a local running club, Parkruns most Saturdays and 1 day just for me (in the lanes or fields, my choice of music ... heaven!)

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I went through a post holiday dip last year, lack of structure, disappointed I couldn't run for as long and before the holiday.

My advice would be to find a run that you are comfortable with and do it again. If that is week 9 run take Jo Whiley out again for company. The Stepping Stones is also good. Has helped me to set a consistent pace.

You'll get back into it.

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I graduated and my first few runs without Sarah were weird but now just concentrating on my music And running faster and longer. I did a Spotify playlist called kim runs which I am listening too.

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