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Was OK despite the break

Well it has been a longer break than I thought it would be. In fact have just looked and I think it may be a month since I did W6 R1. However I don't need the kick I thought I might.

I decided to go for W6 R2, mainly because I couldn't decide where to go back to, but listened to my body and had decided to note the time if I had to stop, so I could judge where to start again from. But I didn't have to stop - I did the whole thing without any real problems.

My fitness is still fine but then I have in the break done two significant swims (Henley club to Pub in a great 33:49 - yippee! and the Wales Open Water Estuary Swim).

My legs had forgotten how to run initially, were slow (they had not been used for swimming) and I am sure they may seize up a bit later.

I enjoyed it too, so onwards and upwards :)

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That's brilliant, well done! It's lovely to have company on 'redoing w6'!

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Nice to see you back Nikki. Glad the swims went well, it's great that you kept your running fitness too :)


Welcome back and well done.

Even if the running muscles were rusty the swimming obviously kept you in good condition.

Home straight is not too far away.

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Go nikkiwabit - glad you had good swims. Enjoy the home straight towards graduation.

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