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W5R1 - feeling good!

I've had a week's break because of a cold but was back to it today and pleased to say I managed all 3 five minute runs and it was almost comfortable! Amazing! I'm really pleased as at the end of week 4 I felt I was struggling to manage all the runs and wimped out towards the end of the last run into a walk.

I'm finding that I'm always much fresher and more capable of my first run in the week not sure if this is psychological or just because a 3/4 day rest over the weekend is beneficial. Really feel the programme is working - I can't believe how far I've come from struggling to run more than 2.5 minutes a few weeks ago. However the dreaded 20 minutes is looming at the end of the week! (Gulp!)

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Well done! Yes I have also discovered the benefits of extra rest days. Don't worry about the dreaded 20 minute run, the programme really is well designed. Just take it slow and you will get there. :)

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