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A question for the graduates

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Bit of a random one really but it popped in to my head... is the first run you do without the C25K trainer in your ear a weird feeling? Did you find your stamina and motivation dropped without them spurring you on?

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I used the Couch25k+ podcasts (stepping stones, speed and stamina) so I still had Laura encouraging me! ;) I also use Runkeeper and so I get to hear my progress although sometimes I turn the sound down and just use it to check my final distance. I wonder if folk who always listen to music when they run would find it very strange just listening to their feet and breathing. Which week are you on?

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It's been a while but I don't remember it being weird. Kind of liberating, really. And no I don't still run 3 times a week. Although I do when I can. I've had to learn to fit it in around my life and physical issues but I look forward to the time when I can get back to running 3 times a week. At the moment I'm lucky if it's fortnightly, but it's waiting...

If you have the bug it'll fit into your life where it can. For the time being enjoy the structure of the program.

Yes and no! Sometimes it's nice just to run with my own music for as long (or short!) as I like and sometimes I need more structure so I take Laura out with me and do the W9r1 podcast and I've started doing the 5k+ podcasts.

Good luck with your future runs.

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It was a little strange for me at the start without the programme. But now I have found a format which works great. I joined an Athletics club. So I do 5k myself on a Tuesday after work. I run 5k on a Thursday evening with the Athletics club and I do Parkrun on Saturday mornings.

I couldn't wait to get rid of a voice telling me what to do (sorry Laura) and the awful music and so my gift to myself for graduating was to listen to my own music 😀 Bliss it was. My motivation increased 🙂

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It's so long ago I can't remember! I know I went on to the C25K+ podcasts though, and I still use them because they are great. I also really enjoyed running to my own music to start with. I always ran with music because I hated the sound of my breathing and the thump of my feet :D , then after a couple of years I did a RunStreak, where you run every day. I only did a mile on most days, so by the time I had done my usual faff for everything else it was such an additional pain to get my music sorted out that I ran without music for that mile. That made me stop running with music for another couple of years. Now I'm back to running with music because I'm upping the distance and it gets really boring :D

I also had a couple of friends (not on this forum) so we cheered each other on and posted elsewhere about our runs, so that inspired me. It was nice to have the freedom to run how I wanted, but there are loads of different plans if you still want structure after graduation. I'm using a MyAsics one at the moment, but there are others.

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I haven't been using the pod casts just a stop watch, don't know if I'm missing out!

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