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Question for graduates

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Just wondering if those of you who have already graduated and doing consolidation runs still walk for the first and last 5 minutes, or are you just running straight from the off?

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No, we have at least a 5 minute warm up walk before we run and a 5 minute cool down walk after we run.

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Yep, sticking to the same trusted format. The warm up and cool down are very important.

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I still do the warmup... especially important in colder weather. At the moment it’s still a brisk walk for me but I may change it as my fitness improves some more, after the junior parkrun warmup I could do with a rest 😂

Elite athletes warm up to reduce risk of injury through inadequate blood flow to muscles.

We are not as generally as fit and trained as elite athletes, so the warm up is even more important for us mere mortals.

Cool down is slightly more contentious as the theories in respect of dispersal of lactic acid by a cool down are disputed by some.

I still do a five minute warm up and cool down.

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Always. 5 mins at the start and at least 5 at the end.

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Thanks all! 👍🏻

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I still do, I add a bit on in the very cold weather 🥶

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I still do warm up and cool down - wouldn’t dream of going straight into faster work.

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Personally I’m out and running but at a very slow pace and speed up as I naturally warm up

I do a lot of natural pace running where I don’t think about pace I just run pace sets itself

After a run I stretch out and shower and often stretch in the shower with the hot water it feels easier

Then I eat as soon as I can something healthy and high protein usually

Same for me! I couldn't run without the warm up first! This could be five mins warm indoors first if you want to run straight from the door. But I still prefer the walk to get to the starting spot! I'm not as fussed about the cool down being a full five mins as I always do stretches when I get back home too.

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Warm up always.. I warm up with a routine and I sometimes walk for a very long time... depending on the run ...and I still warm/cool down :)

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I do a 10 minute full body yoga stretch on yotube- it’s the best as it gets me in the zone as well!!

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KimyeoGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Hi Ju Ju

Do you have a link for that? my old bones often stiffen up and I could do with a go to routine to get moving


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I do the five minute warm up walk. But as 5k takes me 31 minutes or so I cut the warm down to whatever’s left of the warm down walk.

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I’m still following the 5 minute warm up and warm down rule too.

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I cut it down once - to two minutes - and mentioned it in this group. I was told it is very important, so now I do the 5 minute warm up then the run.

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I still do the warm up and cool down as the muscles need this.

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I now realise just how important the warm up is. Always ran straight out the door before and always found it hard to get going. After a couple of years of not running (well, trying to start running again and a failing) I started the C25K and can honestly say the warm up has made all the difference. At the end of the 5 minutes I’m ready to run it’s simple.

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I like to do the warm up walk and cool down walk it eases me into running and feels better on my legs afterwards

always, I'm a rule follower :)

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Yes, still warm up and cool down 😀

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As a runner who constantly gets injured and based on that that is why ime doing a more structured start back to my running by following the couchto5k programme I never did a warmup in the past but have now realised how important it is and will certainly do it once I graduate.

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Agree with others at least 5 mins before & defo 5 home plus stretching

I also keep mobile once back home while hydrating & grabbing fruit snack

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I like to fit in a short jog. So 2min walk

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I like to fit in a short jog. So 2min walk 1min slow jog 2 min walk and then the planned run. Gets the heart and breathing rate up a bit and reminds my joints what they're about to go through!

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