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Inspired or pressured...can't decide

In the early weeks of the programme, it definitely inspired me to do more than I thought I possibly could - no way did I ever think I would run for 20 minutes!

But in these later weeks (I'm now in W8) for some reason I feel its adding pressure to my runs. I'm still completing the runs, and I've still got trust in it, but it feels more of a chore than it did. Perhaps because my mind is already turning to post graduation plans, or perhaps because it's more repetitive.

Did anyone else feel this?

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Not sure what the 'it' you refer to is. The programme?


Sorry, too much rambling! Yes, the programme


Could be the nervousness a lot of us feel as we get close to Graduation. Kind of "What will I do then?" panicy thoughts. Up to now it's been an adventure in new territory - but what next? "Just" running? No structure or programme? :)

The old advice still holds - take it slowly and steadily, :)

Graduating is great fun, then just take some time to run a ND decide your next goal - seems to take three weeks or thereabouts for most of us to settle on it and settle down to it :)


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