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Mad dogs and Irish men !

Returned from our wee break to Donegal and set out this morning on W9 r1.... (can't believe I'm saying that)

After my very hilly parkrun and how difficult I found it I decided to change my route to a much hillier one In an attempt to teach these legs of mine to carry me up a hill !

My husband who dips in and out of this programme decided he would join me , just in case I what ?...fell, collapsed ?

He would trail me up those hills I think !

We have three daughters and us girls have many names for him , today he was in captain Mannering mode, ever watchful.

Well the run as usual for me was tough , warm and hilly but I was pushing away and in front of the captain...... (actually hoping he would get lost ,I prefer to be on my own or with my virtual pals )

This was a different route and I passed a rather large house with dogs that are usually kept under control by an electric fence, today they forgot to plug it in !!

Two wee nippers and one big brute came running barking at me nipping at my heels and the big brute growling and looking like he was about to eat me 😱

I though of advice already given here and I screamed at them trying to get away !!

Captain mannering was behind and heard the Commotion,he came running at top speed (not fast),however he was now more like Irish john !!he roared at the dogs swinging his size 11s !!

The dogs were overcome as was I , only I was laughing at such antics 😂😂

Not sure if I've completed that one properly!


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That post had a slightly "Benny Hill " feel to it. Kudos to your man for stepping up to defend you. Just goes to prove that sometimes things happen for a reason, huh?

I do get cross about dogs that are not under control - I had one trying to nip my heels recently, it jumped through a hedge and scared the living daylights out of me. Luckily, it's owner called it back in time, otherwise it would have been brushing its teeth through its bum for the rest of its life.

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Had I been on my own I would have been terrified. I'm not fearful at all of dogs ( I've one of my own)but this was very different.

I won't run that road again 😧


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