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Week 4 Run 3

A jog in the rain late evening, provides a peaceful delight.

Delightful, everyone is indoors hiding from the rain so just me and laura out jogging to Week 4 Run 3. A much needed breath of fresh air after being cooped up at work because management did not want the children to play outdoors in the rain!!! Ridiculous!!!! Anyway sorry completely off track. It was a great run, and I feel more awake now than I did cooped up. I must have had cabin fever. I am still getting my head around how I haven't had a hiccup yet I am waiting for it. Week 5 on Friday I cannot believe I have stuck it out this long.

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Well done! I struggled my way through week 4 run 2 last night, I really really struggled on the last 5 min run. Good luck with next week!


Oh it's just lovely. Outdoors, running slowly and steadily with the cooling rain, leaving cares and woes behind on the trail

Sounds fantastic! Well done. Keep going nice and steady, chewing up those runs. You'll be fine so long as you go carefully

Kids not playing out in rain! They love it! They can wear splash suits can't they. Yeh, course they can. Adults ey, what are they like!

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