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Incline training paying off

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Went in for my first 30 min run in a couple weeks (maybe longer) and wasn't disappointed. Kept going to make sure no discrepancies in the distance as my watch always pumps out a faster pace than the treadmill. So to put that to bed I went further and also to cover the 5 mins walk warm up(not included in the time above) . Overall I was 52 mins on the treadmill. This took up my entire gym session today, I was in no state lol. Bit gutted I didn't complete the hour but I'll get there. Note I did this all with 1% incline which is a first for this distance.

For reference the treadmill distance including 5min walk was 6.75 km. Quite a difference froma watch.

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Im really impressed you can run up incline. Awesome job. Hard work pays off

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