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After completing week 4 on holiday in the countryside, it was back to my usual route for week 5 and it felt like a tough one. I'd meant to do this run yesterday, but a massive thunderstorm turned me back at the door.

I'd never noticed before how noisy my normal route is, even at 6.30am. Last week or was just me, my music and Michael Johnson's words of encouragement. Today, I could barely hear him!

I was really starting to flag on the final 5 minute run (heavy legs, the start of a stitch, sweating like a hound), and then passed a fella I see going for his paper every time I run who turned to tell me he could see an improvement. His words of encouragement really gave me the push to keep going and I even found the energy to add a little speed!

Came home and reflected that it's a month since my first run where each 60 second run section was hell on earth, and by the end of this week's runs I'll be doing a full 20 minutes.

Feeling rather proud of myself and can't wait for run 2!

Have a great day everyone.

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Well done! Keep plugging steadily away. No need to hurry ! 😃👍


I think sometimes that the runs where you have to push yourself onwards and upwards, are the most satisfying. Well Done :)


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