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Week 7 Run 3 Done

Well, suffice to say, you learn lessons all the time on this thing. If you want something you have to work for it and hard work pays off are just two.

I will add that I am following a different plan to the NHS with ever so slight different targets. The NHS one is better , I just found this website after I started.

I lost my watch, so the only data I had was start and finish times. As others have said, if you 'just run', you often 'run' better. I consciously tried to run slower and it worked in the sense I wasn't staggering about at the end, and with all these pace monitoring gadgets I probably ran more consistently without them. However,in terms of distance, I ran way way too far of what I was supposed to.. The couch25K Gods will be displeased.

Anyway I did 4K without stopping in approximately the same time as last time, and it was a stroll in the park compared to run 2.

For me, Week 5 run 3 and Week 7 run 2 were the toughies in this course. I think big changes go on in week 5 to 6, and if you get through there and you will, week 7 is where it falls into place .

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I have to say I seem to do best when I just set the timer and put on some music or an audio book and try and lose myself in the process. If I've got voices telling me how far and fast I'm going all the time it just distracts and depresses me! I'm only competing with myself after all. The last two weeks have seen 6 x 30 minute runs. Today I ran 31 minutes a new PB in my particular journey :)

Of course every one is different and lots of people need challenges in terms of competition and time and distance but I'm not there (YET!)


Nice time, I agree that for most of us, its just about getting around we have to just get into a rhythm, I like reading the pace splits after though but there are so many statistics you can get, I guess somedays its nice to just go out for a run and other times you can set targets.


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