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Old knee injury :-(

Feeling disappointed, after graduating two weeks ago with no knee pain at all an old knee injury (?) has slowly been rearing its ugly head over the last week (I knew I shouldn't have ignored it but kept running) and i've now given in that i'm going to have to take some time out and rest it - i'm gutted :-( Well i'm assuming its the old injury, not runners knee...not exactly pain, its an ache which started under the left knee cap and has now moved over to the inside knee ligaments that I tore 10 years ago. I haven't suffered with my knee for a good couple of years so its come as a bit of a shock tbh. Think it was going off road that done it :(

Do any of you have any advice? Obviously I know that it isn't going to get better without rest but I just feel so gutted, i'm waiting on some advice from my brother who used to be a PT and qualified in sports massage but any advice from anyone that has been there would be great. Guess its the IC for me :'(

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A few years ago I had to have cartilage surgery on my knee, since then when I go to the gym, walk and now run I always wear an elasticated knee bandage. So far (touch wood) I have been remarkably free of pain, perhaps an odd twinge but good for a grandma like myself.

My husband occasionally suffers from back pain and his solution is ice as soon as he feels a twinge he applies an ice pack for 20 minutes every hour for 4 hours. But keeps active (gentle, of course).

I hope this helps. Good luck.


My knees got so had a few years back that I stopped walking with my family because the pain was too bad. After getting no sympathy from my doctor I did some research and started to take glucosamine with chondroitin. A few years later I could actually consider running, which was the beginning of my c25k journey.

My knees are stronger now than ever and rarely give me any pain. You could try the knee strengthening exercises at

Also look at this it may be helpful.

Overstriding is a common cause of knee pain.

Good luck.

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Ianoda, I used Glucosamine some years ago when I had knee pain and it seemed to help, but I stopped taking it to see what would happen and after a few years some pain has returned.

The reason I've not gone back on it is because there were tests done on the trust me I'm a doctor TV programme with Michael Mosley, and it was suggested Glucosamine didn't really do anything and regarded as just giving a placebo affect. But, just maybe for me it really did work, so after seeing your post I'm now thinking of going back on it to try again with the addition of chondroitin, btw are you still taking it or do you just do the knee strengthening excercises?


There is little conclusive scientific proof that it works, Dave, but plenty of anecdotal evidence. I am quite happy to accept that it may be a placebo effect, (something that is so badly understood) and up to now I have not found any proof that it is dangerous in any way, so I am still taking it daily, as it can be bought reasonably cheaply.

I can't prove that it works but, like so many others, if you take it for a prolonged period, it has coincided with a remarkable removal of my symptoms and I would be reluctant to stop taking it now.

I only did the knee exercises intermittently during my first year running.

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